Most Popular Cars in UK That Are No Longer In Production

Discussed below are the most popular cars in the United Kingdom that went out of production in the 20th century…

Morris Marina

The Morris Division was Setup by British Leyland throughout the troubled 1970s for the British car industry, the car was quite popular in Britain as it was in other markets. The car was sold under the following brand names in various markets:

  • The Morris Marina
  • The Austin Marina
  • The Leyland Marina
  • The Morris 1700

Described as one of the worst cars of all time, the Morris Marina was among the most popular cars in Britain all through its production life.

In-fact it was so popular that its sales although marginally high, beat Ford Escort into second position in the United Kingdom and used cars ni sales table back in 1973 and all through the years it’s sales saw it come third or fourth but never below.

As much as it was produced and sold in markets such as New Zealand, Australia and the United States, its production was stopped in 1980 and the Morris Marina was replaced by the closely linked Ital. People are still buying and restoring these vehicles which has led to more DIY enthusiasts using expert welding techniques to manufacture their own parts.

Rover SD1

Rover SD1 serves as the code name and ultimately the manufacture name that was accorded to a number of mid-sized vehicles that were designed and built by the famed British Leyland under the Rover brand.

Rover SD1 was built and produced through its Specialist, Austin Rover and Rover Triumph divisions starting 1976 till production end in 1986, the year the car was replaced by the Rover 800 make. Rover SD1 car was marketed under several names such as;

  • Rover 2300
  • Rover 3500
  • Rover Vitesse

Rover SD1 was a popular car that won the European Car of The Year Title in 1977. It is considered as the last True Rover as it was the last car to be accorded the last Rover-Badge car that was produced at Solihull and the last car that was fit with the Rover V8 Engine.

Austin Allegro

It was a small family car that was produced by British Leyland under the Austin name from the year 1973 to the year 1982. The car came into being as a replacement of the other popular Austin 1100 and Austin 1300 models.

The main reason why British Leyland is reflected upon is for producing this useful and very popular hatchback car that led to the production of hatchbacks by the motoring industry.

The Triumph Dolomite

This was yet another popular small saloon car that was manufactured by the Triumph Motor Company that was then a division of British Leyland. The car came into production in October of 1972 and it was retired in August 1980.

Dolomite as it was popularly known was the last addition to the range of Triumph’s complex cars whose production had begun back in 1965 with the glorified Triumph 1300. The Dolomite was designed to be the replacement of the rear-wheel drive Triumph Herald.

The Hillman Avenger

This was a car designed as a rear-wheel drive small family car. It was initially produced under the Rootes Group, Hillman Marque wing. The car came into production in 1970 until when it was retired in 1976. It was a popular brand with small families.